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The curse of the now generation

By 20th October 2020October 21st, 2020No Comments

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated when you’re unable to get something instantly? Or your friends get annoyed with you if you leave them on read? In a world of ‘active’ and ‘online’ we expect more from others and more from ourselves. We’re expected to be available 24/7 because our social media apps say we’re ‘active,’ or we’re perceived as ‘they’re always on their phone’.

Do you ever find yourself, having had a long day at work or school, just wanting to sit in a quiet room and scroll through your newsfeed without having to talk to anyone? Or read a book, watch tv, go for a quiet walk? I certainly do! We often forget that being around people all day every day, talking to them and communicating with them is exhausting!

Yet we continue to put masses of amounts of social pressure on our loved ones as they do to us.

This is the curse of the Now Generation.

Now that’s not to say that increased connectivity is necessarily a negative. There are so many positive and negative aspects to this subject that can be and often are debated. But my point is that you don’t have to be available ALL the time. You don’t have to feel guilty for not checking your phone the second it bleeps and you also shouldn’t feel as though you are being ignored by your friends when they do the same!  It’s important, like anything, to remember a balance.

No one is entitled to your attention 24/7, and it’s unrealistic to expect that from people or yourself. Everyone needs alone time, space to reflect on their day. Time to figure out their thoughts and feelings; a period to process and digest everything they have seen, heard and experienced recently.

This is exactly why I aim to turn my phone on silent for at least 1 hour a day in the evening. I try to leave it for 5 minutes before checking it when it bleeps. Instead of getting annoyed when I’m left on read, I try to put myself in their shoes. Perhaps they’ve had a long day and don’t feel like talking? Perhaps they’ve been sat on a computer at work all day and just want some time off screen? I remind myself regularly that that is their right, just as it is mine; that waiting a few hours or until the next day is not the end of the world.

Having empathy for yourself and those around you is the only way to beat this specific curse! We don’t have to be the now generation all the time! Give yourself a break, you deserve it!

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