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Taking Over PCDT

By 28th November 2017November 20th, 2020No Comments

Takeover is an annual challenge which puts young people into decision-making positions within a variety of organisations and businesses. Bringing a new perspective, young people are encouraged to share their views on the company’s work.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Takeover Challenge this year we had five young people; Sid, Shannon, Rosie, Jasmine and Amelia placed in PCDT for the day, providing them with workplace experience. Here is what those young people thought of their day:


My experience was good because I learnt a lot of stuff and I did a lot of work to help St Just get a new skate park. My highlight of the day was definitely getting all the information I needed for the skate park and how to do it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again it was a good experience. I heard about this from two Your way workers that came to the youth club in my town.

– Sid


It was a great experience and great fun and I would love to come again. The highlights of it all were exploring around the place using the map, making phone calls and answering them and the best part was making a table on the computer to do the filing with and then sorting out all of the filing which was all a good experience. I also learnt what confidentiality means. I would definitely do it again. I would like to what I did this time, next time but also I would like you to help me gather information about three jobs I would love to do in the future which is to work up to being a pet chiropractor, dance teacher and P.E teacher. I heard about this because Your way came into Nancherrow youth club and mentioned it. So I told mum about it and I thought it would be great so I came and joined on all of the fun and I have no regrets of coming what so ever. Thank you for a great day.

– Shannon


Today was a really good day and I had lots of fun, I really liked it because I was able to find out what it was like to work in an office and all the types of things you have to do there. One of my favourite parts was answering the phone to people and I learnt the type of things you have to say to them while on the phone. Another great experience was that I learnt how to file all the folders from each year into one for each different person, which was good because it will be a useful job and skill to have in the future. I heard about this day from a friend’s mum (who works here) and as soon as I heard about it I wanted to do it. The staff and people that work here are very friendly and welcoming; they showed me and the rest of the girls how to use the computers and how to do many other things. It made me feel important because I was actually helping out somewhere important. The jobs they set me meant something and they weren’t just going to be chucked away after, they were actually going to be used and were helpful. Today was an amazing experience so I want to thank everyone who was involved and made this day so great and fun.

– Rosie


Today was a really good day because it was fun and gave me such an experience. I enjoyed answering the phone, sorting out the files and researching things such as communication with children, challenges with talking on social media, how to build a positive relationship with someone such as the community and other interesting things because I realised what it’s actually like to work in a place like this. I would do it again because everyone was so friendly and kind, although It could have been better if I could do more things related to what I want to be when I’m older like a doctor/chiropractor/radiologist to help me learn about what they do and what it’s like to be one of them. I heard about this day through my friend’s mu (who works here) and a worker form Your way who came to our local youth club. It made me feel very important working in an actual work place and today was an awesome experience for when I’m older. Thank you for this amazing day.

– Jasmine


Today was a really good day because it was so much fun and it was an amazing experience of what a job is like. I enjoyed setting up the computer because I learnt so many new computer skills, like changing the name of the login and adding the computer to the domain. The whole day was amazing and I loved every activity. The staff were so kind and looked after us well. I felt really grown up because I was doing adult jobs like answering the phone and doing computer work. Everyone was really happy to help if we needed something and they were happy to stop what they were doing in order to help us with what we were doing. I found out about this amazing day because I went to my local youth club and when I got there, there were two youth workers from Your way and they were telling us about this great opportunity to have a day out of school and still learn so much. I automatically knew I wanted to do it, so I asked my friends and they were happy to do it as well. So we came! This day was a superb opportunity for people my age decided what they want to do when they are older. Thank you so much for today!!

– Amelia




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