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Mood boosting music

By 1st April 2020January 12th, 2021No Comments

Listening to music is like free therapy. It can help you work through your feelings and boost your mood. Much like how a supportive friend who understands your situation would help you through a tough time, music can do the same.

Upbeat music is usually the best type of music to improve your mood however sad/ mellow music can actually be soothing for people who are feeling sad or who have suffered personal loss, as they’re able to identify with the tone and lyrics of the music. Although, this does depend on the person as it could make your mood worse.

Luckily most of us have access to an entire library of music at our fingertips so it’s easy to find the right kind of music to help us feel better. This could be music you know and love, that makes you feel nostalgic, with meaningful lyrics or something new that you’ve just discovered.

We think everyone should have their own mood boosting playlist. Whether you create it yourself or discover an existing one the important thing is you have a playlist that’s going to help you through tough times.

You might already have some songs in mind to create your own mood boosting playlist but here’s some playlists to get you started. Save the whole thing, add the songs you like to your own playlist or ignore these suggestions completely but start creating your own mood boosting playlist.


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