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By 5th November 2020No Comments

Now is your chance to Make Your Mark by voting on issues that are important to you!

Make Your Mark is an opportunity for 11-18 year olds across the UK to have their say by voting on the policies they want to introduce or change.

The UK-wide and local issues you vote as the most important will be debated by Members of Youth Parliament. Who will campaign to influence the UK Parliament and their local representatives, ensuring that the views of young people are listened to by decision makers.

For the first time since the campaigns inception, voting will take place ONLINE ONLY!

You have until 30th November to cast your vote!

UK-wide issues

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Support our mental health – More money should be spent on young people’s mental health services, including offering mental health support in schools and training teachers about mental health.

Free university – Invest in young people by providing free university. This will help more young people reach their full potential without suffering financial hardship.

Tackle child poverty – End the system trapping 1 in 4 young people in poverty. All children should be able to thrive.

Stop plastic pollution – If no action is taken, it is predicted that waste plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050. Let’s reduce single-use and non-essential plastics. (Devolved topic)

Increase racial awareness in the curriculum – To build a better future together, young people need to be taught the truth about the racism in past. The curriculum should tell the truth about racism.

Take action on the climate emergency – Protect the planet and our future by transforming society and the economy to be green and sustainable to tackle the climate and ecological crisis.

Votes at 16 – Lower the voting age to 16. 16-year-olds can join the army and get married, so should be able to elect those who represent them.

Tackle discrimination and hate crime in the UK – Discrimination is rising in the UK. The government should to tackle hate crime by ensuring it is punished appropriately.

Include young people in the plan for COVID-19 recovery – Young people’s mental health, the green recovery, education and employment should be central to COVID-19 recovery talks. Involve young people in the conversations which affect their future.

Protect human rights – Everybody’s human rights need to be protected. The UK is proud of its history of protecting human rights and this must continue.

Local issues

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Access to training and jobs – Due to COVID-19 jobs will change; some that exist now might not exist in the future. All young people need to have the right training opportunities to get jobs in the future.

Young people’s voice should be heard in creating local services – Under 18s should be included in decisions affecting them, even if they can’t vote in a general election.

Leisure and culture – Art, sport and music are great for mental and physical health. Lots of services which give young people an opportunity to take part in leisure and culture are at risk of closing.

End the health postcode lottery – In some parts of the country people live longer and are healthier than in others. Quality healthcare should be available everywhere and accessible to everyone to fix this.

Improve places to go and things to do for young people – Young people should be involved in deciding what youth activities and services should be available.

Access to technology and broadband for learning – More learning is happening online but not all young people have access to the right technology and broadband. If learning becomes a mixture of classroom and online then all young people need access technology and broadband.

Childhood obesity and food poverty – Healthy food should be cheaper and easily available.

Homelessness – COVID-19 might make renting and owning a home less secure, so plans should be in place and money available to ensure nobody becomes homeless.

Domestic violence – Lockdown has meant that many people are trapped in homes that are dangerous for them. Protection and support are needed for those facing violence.

Transport – Travel will change post COVID-19. Investment in national transport schemes should be reviewed to see if this money should be spent more locally.


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