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Lockdown 3

By 13th January 2021No Comments

This blog sat blank for a long time…..

It’s hard to give words of encouragement when things seem so hard.  I’m going to be honest and tell you that I am tired and that I’m really starting to feel like this nightmare will never end. I wonder if you feel the same….

So where does that leave us?

We need to remember the basics that kept us going the last time we found ourselves in this situation. This situation where we are parents, we are teachers, we are workers, and we are human beings in scary and confusing circumstances.

I’m not going to tell you anything I haven’t told you before, I’m just going to remind you (and myself!) of the basic things we need to get through this.

EMPATHY – Whether it’s with your child, your partner or yourself, the single biggest gift you can give anyone right now is empathy. True empathy is when you admit that a situation sucks and sit with that uncomfortable feeling together. It’s when you say to someone, “You have every right to be angry, sad, anxious right now or any other feeling you feel!”

SELF CARE – You will be bored of me saying this by now, but you cannot pour from an empty cup so what are you doing for YOU? It’s the basics like keeping yourself fed, drinking enough and getting enough sleep but it’s also taking time wherever you can to do the things that make you feel good. You can read my blog on self-care for parents here.

ROUTINE – Younger children thrive on routine. Older young people think they don’t need it. But they do! Keeping to a routine, especially on weekdays will be hard at first but will save you a lot of battles in the coming weeks (note to self). In my opinion, doing some things at the weekend that feel like a break from routine can also help. We sometimes watch cartoons with my daughter in bed in the morning or make a special breakfast of healthy pancakes. Here is the recipe we use.

If you need some help creating a routine you should check out our blog for some top tips.

FRESH AIR AND EXCERCISE – Again they don’t think they need it but they do. A simple walk every day can make a huge difference – even if it’s a battle to get them out of the front door. Also, movement is a huge mood booster for everyone. Don’t forget that PE with Joe is back at 9am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are busy with schoolwork when it goes live you can catch up afterwards on his Youtube channel here.

A final thing I want to say to you all is to take things a day, or an hour, or a minute at a time.  There will be bad moments and bad days, but other days will be better. Some days you will be super productive, and others will abandon all hopes of being productive and dance around your front room together. Some days you will shout, some days you will cry but other days you will laugh! And eventually minute but minute, day by day and hour by hour: this will pass.

If you have any concerns about the mental health of your young people you can email me [email protected]

Stay safe, stay strong and stay kind – Terrie.

Emotional Resilience for Parents & Carers

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(Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally)


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