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Exam Results

By 16th August 2021No Comments

Waiting for and dealing with exam results can be a stressful for young people and their parents. Sometimes this period of time can be more stressful than the exams themselves – especially if young people require certain grades to progress into further education or the career, they’ve set their sights on.


How can I support my child?

Whilst some young people may feel that they’ve done their best and their exam results will reflect this it’s very common for young people to go over what they did or didn’t do and what they could have done differently. However, your child reacts it is important to give them support and help distract them during this time.

Talk to them – Don’t walk on egg shells! Sit them down and have a conversation around their expectations and reassure them that it’s not the end of the world if things don’t go as planned.

Keep it positive – Reassure your child that whatever their results are that you are proud of them and will always support them.

Be prepared – If things don’t go as planned it’s not the end of the road.

If your child is hoping to go to college/sixth form, make sure you know who to call in case their grades are not quite what you were expecting. It is worth having a conversation to see if the grades are close enough to get onto the course or a similar one

If your child is applying for university, learn how to use the clearing system for UCAS (the admissions system for university) as there may be a lot of competition for places.

Look at alternative routes – An Apprenticeship could be a great alternative for young people who, learn best by doing, didn’t get the results they required for college/university or don’t want to go the traditional further education route. Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start a career in a variety of industries.  Find out more here.

Some well-known and very successful people completed Apprenticeships, for example:

  • Gordan Ramsay – Chef Apprentice
  • Ruth Badger – Business Administration Apprentice
  • Stella McCartney – Tailoring Apprentices
  • Sir Ian McKellan – Theatre Apprentice
  • John Frieda – Hairdressing Apprentice
  • Ross Brawn – Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

Distract them – Instead of spending the summer worrying about their results you should encourage them to go out and do things they love with the people that they love.

Celebrate! – Regardless of their results you should make an effort to celebrate what they’ve achieved. It’s been a stressful couple of months and they’ve gotten through it.


Need help?

If you would like some extra support helping your child through results day you should check out the Anna Freud Centre’s free online workshops. These workshops are for parents and carers whose children have received exam results in August and are:

  • Worried about their child’s reaction to their results, and want time to reflect and work out how best to continue supporting them
  • Have ongoing concerns about the wellbeing of their child and are aware that new strategies may be required
  • Feel that their child managed results week well, but want help in continuing to support them in the next stage of their education

The live sessions will be available online during the week following results days, from Monday 16 August to Thursday 19 August, with two sessions per day at 12.30pm and 4.30pm. They will be run by Anna Freud Centre experts who have a background in both education and mental health support, giving you some top tips on how best to support your child and the opportunity to ask questions.

Book your place here.


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