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CV Essentials

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Writing a CV may seem daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time but it’s actually fairly simple. We’re also making it simpler by giving you a check list of CV essentials plus a downloadable template to help you create your CV. Remember it’s important to tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for so use our template as a guide to get started then develop it from there.

Check list of CV Essentials

Personal Details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Address
  • Social Media – Potential employers will look you up on social media so providing them with your relevant social media links such as Twitter or LinkedIn will make this easier for them. However, before doing so make sure your social media accounts are clean and professional.

Personal statement

This is a short paragraph about who you are, what you can offer the company and what your career goals are.

Work Experience

Here you should include all your relevant work experience starting with the most recent. Include:

  • Job title
  • The name of the organisation
  • How long you’ve worked there
  • Your key responsibilities

If you’re applying for your first job, you can focus on skills you’ve learned through:

  • projects
  • part-time work
  • work experience
  • internships and placements
  • volunteering


Your Educational experience and achievements should all go here. Make sure to include:

  • Subject
  • Type of Qualification (GCSE, Diploma, A Level, Degree)
  • Date awarded
  • Grade

Achievements, qualifications and skills

This is where you should put any achievements from previous work experience such as winning an award. It’s also good to include any volunteer experiences and any extra information such as certifications and languages here.

Hobbies and interests

You don’t always need to list these however we’d recommend adding any relevant ones that could back up your skills and help you stand out. It’s also good to include any volunteer experiences and any extra information such as certifications and languages here.

CV tips

Employers get lots of CVs and have to decide quickly who they are going to interview. Here are some tips to make your CV stand out for all the right reasons.

When writing your CV remember to:

  • use a clear font like Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri
  • use a font size 10 or larger
  • use headings, bullet points and spacing to break information up to make it easier to read
  • keep it to 2 sides of A4
  • tailor it to the job you’re applying for
  • match the words you use to the keywords in the job description
  • get someone else to read it, and double check your spelling and grammar
  • save a backup copy and convert it to PDF format for emailing
  • always send a cover letter with your CV

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