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Coach Tyler

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We’re always looking to make connections with other organisations to give our young people more opportunities and experience.

Working with Coachmakers (an organisation specialising in the delivery of sport, education, apprenticeships and work-based learning for the sport, active leisure health and well-being sector) and SPARC (who delivers sport and physical activity in the heart of communities and with partner organisations to reduce social isolation, improve physical and mental wellbeing and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour amongst communities across the region) has allowed Tyler to grow so much in the time that we’ve known him, as he worked his way through Coachmakers apprenticeship programme and got paid work with SPARC.

This is what Tyler had to say about his experience, “Coachmakers has helped me massively to get paid work such as, giving me the knowledge and skill I need to coach in multiple areas such as children, adults and even the older generation. It has given me a lot and I mean a lot of experience which in my mind is more important than paper work and grades!

It has also given me the foundation and confidence to do it anywhere and to do the session by myself. It was such a big help in my life to regards of getting paid work with SPARC.”


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