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6 Zoom friendly Christmas games

By 16th December 2020No Comments

Christmas it is looking quite a bit different this year so we’ve put together a list of games that can be played virtually or in person this Christmas.

Zoom around the room – Write a list of themes such as ‘something Christmassy’, ‘something green’, ‘something edible’ or ‘something that reminds you of your childhood’ to use for each round of Zoom around the room. At the start of each round state the theme then count down from three to start the clock. The aim of the game is to find an object that matches the theme and return to where you were sitting as fast as possible and within one minute. The first person to return with their object wins 1 point. Whoever finishes the game with the most points wins.

The whisper challenge: Christmas edition – Think of (or google) some popular Christmas phrases, like ‘Santa Claus’ or ‘Santa’s Grotto’, get everyone to wear headphones playing loud music so they can’t hear and see who can guess what you’re saying. Each correct Answer gets 1 point and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. If you’re playing over Zoom get everyone to mute their microphones and use the chat to share their answers.

Name that song – Play the first couple seconds of a song. Whoever raises their hand first and guesses correctly gets 1 point. If they guess wrong the next person to raise their hand may steal the point with the correct guess. If no one knows the song from the first couple seconds play a couple more seconds. Whoever finishes the game with the most points wins.

Our Christmas Playlist

Two truths, one lie – Everyone takes it in turns to make three statements which include two truths about themselves and one that is a lie. The other players have to guess which is the lie. Whoever correctly guesses which is the lie gets a point but if the real lie is not spotted they get a point. Whoever has the most points once evryone has gone wins.

The Yes No Game: Christmas edition – Find an object from within your house and place it in a Christmassy bag or box. Get others to guess what is in the box by only asking yes or no answer questions. Whoever guesses right goes next.

Christmas memory game – Gather a bunch of  Christmas items and put them in a box or on a tray. Show everyone in the room or Zoom call and ask them to memorize all of the items within a minute then give them another minute to write down all the items they remember – each correct item is worth 1 point. Whoever has the most points wins!  To make the game harder use a larger number of items, reduce the time given for memorisation or ask for the specific order they were laid out in.


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