Your Way is a partnership between several youth and mental health services in Cornwall. Passionate about all aspects of our work, we provide quality youth services in Cornwall for and with young people aged 10 and over.

Through our services you can access a variety of support within your community, our Youth Advice Centres (YAC) and online. This includes information, advice & guidance, Counselling, Mentoring and Youth Work, as well as opportunities to volunteer across our project. We’ll also encourage and support you to get involved in our service design, delivery and evaluation in order for us to continually make improvements to the service.

Please note that our centers are currently closed due to national guidance around COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Emotional Support

Need a safe and confidential place to talk about your mental health and wellbeing?

Mind Your Way will help you (11-25 year olds) to look after your mental health and wellbeing through counselling and mentoring, both online and face to face.

HeadStart focuses on the prevention of mental ill health and will help you (10-16 year olds) develop tools to look after your emotional health and wellbeing. As well as supporting your community groups, parents and carers seeking advice.

Work, Education & Training

Need help around work, education or training?

We will provide you with the relevant information, careers advice and links to help you towards your desired employment, education or training. This includes helping you to access work experience and support in figuring out what direction you’d like to go in. We can even help you create your CV, fill out applications and help you prepare for interviews.

Housing & Homelessness

Need help with your living situation?

We will support you to prevent homelessness by providing you with information on the options available to you, your rights, understanding tenancy agreements and accommodation lists. We can also support you to deal with disputes with your landlord, missed payments and access to additional support such as mediation.

Money, Budgeting & Benefits

Need help with money?

We will provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge for you to budget effectively, open bank accounts, deal with household bills, manage debt and money issues and living independently. As well as helping you to access and apply for Benefits/Universal Credit and food banks.

Sexual Health & Relationships

Need someone to talk to about your sexual health and relationships?

We will support you to make sense of how you feel abut sex and relationships, how to be safe and what to do if you feel unsafe. This includes how to use contraception, C Card sign up, information on STIs and testing, access to emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and access to further support services.

As well as helping you with your sexual relationships we can also help with relationships between you and your friends, family, parents, carers and employers. Helping you to deal with difficult situations/resolve issues, build positive relationships and provide you with information and skills to manage relationships and know what to do if you feel unhappy, unsafe or treated unfairly.

Youth Work

Need someone to talk to?

As well as accessing information and advice within our centres you can access a range of youth groups and activities. We provide a safe place for you and your friends to hang out whilst Youth workers help you to explore your interests, discover new passions and shape your future. You’ll also be encouraged to get involved in your community. However if you just want to talk through a difficult situation or something that is worrying you, we are here to listen and offer support and advice.

We also have the resources to be able to support you and your community to set up and run your own activities, sessions and youth groups. Providing training, DBS checks and funding support.

Need help now?

We are not an emergency or crisis service. If you need to speak to someone urgently call your GP or family doctor!


Childline up to 19yrs : 0800 1111
The Samaritans: 116 123
In an emergency go to A&E or call 999

You can also find support online via

If you are concerned about the safety of a child or young person please contact the Multi-Agency Referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116 (01208 251300 out of hours), or the Police.

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